Importance Of Pets In Kids Growth

The Benefits Of Pets

Children love their pets -- and for good reason. Creatures large and small teach, delight, and offer a special kind of companionship. Everyone knows that kids love animals. A quick safari through your child's bedroom will remind you just how dense...

The Pet Program

"Pets provide an impetus for running and practicing motor skills," says Sheryl Dickstein, Ph.D., Director of Humane Education for the ASPCA. Walking a dog or running in the yard and throwing a ball are great ways to exercise the dog as well as for...

How Caring For Animals Can Make You Happier And Healthier

If you've ever owned a pet, you already know how much fun and affection they can bring. But did you know that pets also come with some pretty powerful mental and physical health benefits? Dogs in particular can reduce stress, anxiety, and depressi...

Is It Good For Kids To Have A Pet?

People overwhelmingly believe that having pets is overall a good thing for children. Indeed, a 2003 paper by developmental psychologist Gail F. Melson reports that most parents say that they acquired their family pets "for the kids." But does this...

10 Reasons Pets Are Good For Kids

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Dogs And Kids : Benefits Of Pets

Sometimes pet relationships are ranked higher than certain kinds of human relationships for comfort, esteem, support and confidence. Some benefits of

Improved Child Development

Pet ownership provides many general benefits to human health. Those that especially relate to children include: The encouragement of greater fitness and higher levels of physical activity. This is especially important in view of the worrying incre...

Pets And Children

Pets are part of many children's lives. Parental involvement, open discussion, and planning are necessary to help make pet ownership a positive experience for everyone. A child who learns to care for an animal, and treat it kindly and patiently, m...

Can Fido And Whiskers Enrich Children's Lives?

In this era of mommy confessionals, I must admit: I am not a pet person. With their allergic father, I have reared three children without benefit of in-house canines, felines or invited rodents.

The Psychological Benefits That Dogs Have On Humans

In 1991, there were one hundred and seventeen million pets in the United States. Over half of all families in America own at least one pet (Sable, 1995). Many dog owners do not consider their dog to be just a pet or animal but rather it is conside...

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Importance Of Pets In Kids Growth

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