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Importance Of Naps For Young Children


Do you know that sleep is very important to your child’s health and well-being? In fact, good sleep habits start from birth.

Often, when raising a baby, most struggles related to the upbringing revolve around sleep. Importance of sleep for children should not be overlooked as children who do not get enough sleep may find it difficult to do basic tasks during the day.

Go through this ClipBook to know why young children should take naps often.


Are Naps Really That Important?

Naps prevent children from becoming very tired. Naps provide the much-needed period for growth and rejuvenation required for the physical and mental development that occurs in early childhood.

Growing Consequences Of Not Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation causes your child to be fussy, emotional and throw tantrums. Read this article to know how lack of sleep could impact the development of the brain.

The Importance Of Naps

Sleep is critical to children’s everyday functioning. A good night’s sleep helps prepare children to attend to new experiences, positively engage with others, and build memory and attention skills.

The Important Role Naps Play In A Child's Development

Children of all ages need adequate sleep and rest to understand the critical nature of sleep to our children's growth and development, we need to understand more about what sleep. Sleep is especially important for children as it directly impacts m...

Benefits Of Naps For Babies And Toddlers

Early childhood is a crucial time for your child’s development and naps provide much-needed downtime for growth and rejuvenation. Here are 5 benefits of naps for babies toddlers. Not only are they beneficial for your little one, they also give you...

Naps Can Help Preschool Children Learn

Napping is the core of infant sleep and remains an essential part of many children’s sleep diet until they begin kindergarten. Find out how kids who take naps have an advantage when it comes to developing language skills.

Everything You Need To Know About Baby And Toddler Naps

Napping is an important part of your children's day as well as yours. Your child needs to recharge and reboot or everyone will suffer the consequences. Learn everything you need to know about establishing a healthy nap routine for your pre-schoole...

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