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Importance Of Expressing Affection To Your Teens


Teens need to be shown love and affection just like little children do. Teenage comes with its own set of emotional turmoils, and therefore people belonging to that age group have their own set of needs. Your teen may be much more in need of the assurance of your support than you may imagine. So, how is it that parents can make their young adults feel that they are loved?

Expressing affection to teens may require a different approach than what is required when children are younger. An article titled 'Have You Hugged Your Teen Today? The Importance of Parental Touch' published in sums this up well. It quotes Dr Laura Markham, editor of thus: “Part of parenting is being physically connected with our kids when they’re little...As kids get older, it’s not a matter of us separating from them; it’s a matter of us finding new, appropriate ways to connect with them.”

Our ClipBook presents some useful reads to help you in this direction. An article titled 'What Teens Need Most From Their Parents' published in the Wall Street Journal will help you understand the needs of teens and how parents can help them at this stage. Then, there are other articles, which list out some great ideas to establish long-lasting bonds with your teen. Hope you enjoy reading the articles.


Have You Hugged Your Teen Today? The Importance Of Parental Touch

It was easy to cuddle your toddler. She cuddled you right back and often stayed for more. In elementary school, she still wanted a hug before you left her with the babysitter or before she headed to school. But, as your son or daughter turns into ...

What Teens Need Most From Their Parents

The teenage years can be mystifying for parents. Sensible children turn scatter-brained or start having wild mood swings. Formerly level-headed adolescents ride in cars with dangerous drivers or take other foolish risks.

50 Everyday Ways To Love Your Teen

Do you ever wonder how to connect with your teenager—to help them feel seen, felt, and understood? So often parents worry about the potential pitfalls of adolescence that they lose sight of the everyday ways they make a real difference in their te...

Ways To Get Closer To Your Teen

When your kids are little, parenthood is pretty much a contact sport — a nonstop marathon of smooching and snuggling. Fast-forward to their teen years, and it's an entirely different story...

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