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Importance Of Deworming For Children

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Importance Of Deworming Children & Babies

You would have heard the term “Deworming” either during visits to your paediatrician or through the government drive in mass deworming. WHO recommends periodic treatment with antihelminthics (drugs which treat worm infestation) without individual ...

Why Deworm Through Schools?

School-age children typically have the highest intensity of worm infection of any age group. In addition, the most cost-effective way to deliver deworming pills regularly to children is through schools because schools offer a readily available, ex...

Why School-Based Deworming Is Smart Development Policy

In the complex world of education policy, some experts comment that school-based deworming may be the closest we have come to finding a "magic bullet."

Who On School Deworming

Worms infect more than one third of the world’s population, with the most intense infections in children and the poor. In the poorest countries, children are likely to be infected from the time they stop breast-feeding, and to be continually infec...

5 Effective Home Remedies That Will Help You Deworm Your Child

Do you think your child has worms? Are you trying to find out home remedies that can help to deworm your child naturally? Are you worried that if not treated on time, your child could suffer from some serious health issues?

How Often Should You Deworm Children & Adults?

Worm infestations often cause serious health problems and impact a child’s ability to attend and perform well in school. A UNICEF report says researches have shown that regular deworming can substantially increase school attendance and significant...

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