Identity Development During Adolescence

Before We Begin..

Hello! We are a group of three dedicated psychology students charged with the task of explaining teen behaviour. As teens ourselves, we aim to bring an interesting perspective to the table. We are Hyo Lin Song, Jared Sager, and Yuno So from 10th a...

Erik Erikson And The Eight Stages Of Development

Erik Erikson was a psychologist who emphasized the role of culture and society and the conflicts that can take place within the ego itself. He stated a theory that describes eight stages through which a healthily developing human should pass from ...

Biological Perspective

The brain of a child continues to develop until he or she becomes an adult. This happens by the fibers which connect nerve cells getting a protein sheath. This sheath boosts the speed of impulse transmission from cell to cell, thereby aiding incre...

Teenage Mind

As the brain and the central nerve systems of a healthy teenager is full of neurotransmitters, he or she tends to swing from happy to angry, to sad and depressed in a short period of time. The factors that contribute to this drastic change in temp...

Studies Of Teens Behavior With Peers

Studies conducted as early as 2009, have shown that teenagers just entering into teen years tended to take more risks in driving games when they played with their peers than they did when they played alone or with their parents. As they grew older...

Sleep And The Teen's Brain

The ability to learn and memorize depends to a large extent on the sleep pattern of a teenager. Tests show that a period of learning has to be followed by good sleep for the brain to consolidate and assimilate what has been learned. In other words...

Personal Connection To Individuality (Western Culture)

Jared's connection: I am growing up in an American cultured family which puts stress on separation from the family life to go out and make a living for myself. Throughout my childhood, my parents gradually allowed freedom of choice to me about wha...

Personal Connection To Individuality (Eastern Culture)

Hyo Lin's connection: For me, I feel like my parents and my relatives gave me a lot of influence to how I planned my future. Generally the teenagers in Korea don't get enough preparation for being ready to take responsibility for our actions. Also...

Interview Questions To Students From Western And Eastern Cultures

1. What is the most important value in your life? What is the most important value for you right now? 2. What is the most important thing you need to do in order to achieve your dream?3. What would you write in the blank, ‘ Your life quality depen...

Parent Interview- Western Culture

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Parent Interview- Eastern Culture

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Getting Ready Video -Western Culture

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Getting Ready Video- Eastern Culture

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Identity Development During Adolescence

Walter Basnight, Walter BasnightWalter Basnight
As young psychologists, going through adolescences ourselves, we investigate why teenagers desire individuality during the teen years.