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Identify And Nurture Gifted Children



How To Spot A Gifted Child?

“Gifted” is a term about which everyone has his/her own idea. Teachers, parents, and school principals each have set ideas about what a gifted child does or does not do. <br>If you are a parent or teacher considering a nomination, please go thro...

Identifying Potentially Gifted Children

Giftedness is said to result from the interaction of high levels of intelligence, creativity, and task commitment. A child who displays high potential in these components is identified as a potentially gifted child.

Concerns Of Parents Of A Gifted Child

Concerns of parents of a gifted child frequently include: My child is different. How can I find out whether s/he is gifted?, If my child is gifted, will s/he always achieve at a high level?

Parenting Your Gifted Child

Gifted children are those children who show advanced abilities or high potential compared to that of their peer group. What are the general characteristics of gifted children? Can these children be identified? As parents, how do you handle your gi...

Managing A Gifted Student - For Teachers

Gifted education refers to any modification of the curriculum in order to meet the needs of gifted children. Here are some tips for handling gifted children.

How Gifted Education Can Benefit Other Students Too?

Originally, gifted education meant simply “education for the gifted.” Soon, educators realised that the principles and methods of gifted education would enrich learning for all children.

Becoming A Gifted Education Advocate

Gifted education advocacy is the process of urging the government, educational institutions, educational boards, and other educational agents to develop resources and curricula for gifted children. Typically, gifted education advocacy is performed...

Education Options For Gifted Children

Selecting an appropriate school for gifted children is a major challenge for most Indian parents. Gifted children need gifted education: curriculum, activities, grouping techniques, and assessment methods developed specifi cally for them. What sho...

Educational Resources Outside School

Many schools in India meet only the few of the educational needs of the gifted child. It is up to parents to provide the atmosphere required to nurture and develop the child's talent outside the school environment.

Nominate A Potentially Gifted Child

This is a list of behaviours that children may show. Filling out this form will give us a clearer idea of your child’s abilities and interests. Please look through these items and consider whether your child demonstrates the given behaviour.

Important Resources For Parents

The following international websites offer useful information and resources on giftedness, as well as ways to connect with gifted parents and teachers.

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