Ideas For Summer Learning Fun

5 Fun Summer Learning Activities

After a busy year of school, study, and homework, kids are buzzing with excitement to have the summer months off for relaxation and play. If you’re a Learning Coach for an online student or a homeschooler, I’m sure you’re looking forward to the ti...

13 Ways To Sneak Learning Into Summer Fun

My five-year-old daughter, Celia, had an amazing year in prekindergarten. She had the kind of teacher you are lucky to have even once in your school career, and he sparked a love of learning in her. While I want to keep the momentum going over the...

Let Your Kid Learn Music This Summer

Music has a positive impact on discipline and confidence, says Rhodes. He adds that for it to disappear from the majority of state schools is appalling. To celebrate music in schools, here is a list of useful resources for teachers.

Learning At Home: Summer Learning Activities For Kids

Learning at Disney | Making Disney Educational Without Ruining the Fun Series: Animal Kingdom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csym5YSEqx8 Hollywood Studios:...

How Your Kids Can Learn To Code During Summer Vacation

How Your Kids Can Learn To Code During Summer Vacation in a fun way. read up and teach your kid how fun coding can be.

Teach Your Kids To Cook

As parents, many of us take great pleasure in feeding our children -- in watching them enjoy the fruits of our labor and nourishing their bodies with rib-sticking fare. But at some point, as our kids get older and more responsible, we need to prov...

Let Your Kid Colour The Coloring Calendars

Kids love colouring. It is a way they bring a page to life and the love experimenting it. Colouring activities at young age helps brain develop curios levels of activeness and that will have a positive impact on the kids.

How To Make An Origami Crane

Teach your kid how to do Origami Crane this summer

Creative Summer Learning Ideas

There's no getting around it: Over the summer months, our students can lose up to 60% of the math and reading skills that they learned during the year. Here are dozens of ideas to keep them learning, including special ways to say goodbye and dozen...

How To Teach Your Kid Homemade Ice Cream

Now there's no need for an ice cream machine or even a freezer. You can make ice cream in a bag in five minutes and it's ready to eat straight away! A quick and easy ice cream recipe for all ages – and a fun kids’ cooking idea to boot. Step 1: Pla...

How To Make A Quick And Simple Flip Book

Teach your champ on how to make a quick simple flip book and draw animated characters inside. Once done, they will love how the character comes to life and the credit goes one and only to them.

Teaching Simple Animation

Why study animation with kids? Because it's a great vehicle to help them better understand storytelling and sequencing ideas, whether in words or pictures. Simple animation techniques are fun, hands-on projects that incorporate play, creativity an...

Paper Airplane - The Best Paper Airplane In The World!

During the summer of 1950, on the outskirts of Harrisburg Pennsylvania U.S.A., my sister's boyfriend "Skip" was sitting on the glider on the front porch of our house. He said to me - "Hey Mike... bring me a sheet of paper." I answered why? and he ...

Tangram Construction For Kids

What we need: a rectangular piece of paper suitable for folding a pair of scissors a ruler (optional) A complete set of tangrams consists of seven pieces: You can make your own set of tangrams from a single piece of paper. Fold a rectangul...

Fun Summer Reading Activities For Kids

You Can Do It! 5 Tips to Help Make Your Child Self-Sufficient Follow these tips to help your child become more self-sufficient, and help him learn the skills he'll need to take care of himself. Find Today's Newest & Best Children's Books! Loo...

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Ideas For Summer Learning Fun

Naga Bala KrishnanNaga Bala Krishnan
Kids love summer. Why? Because holidays and fun. Children can learn a lot in summer and have fun.