I Don’t Always Put My Kids First

Why I Don’T Always Put My Kids First

Several years ago I knew a woman who had a son who was the center of his mother’s universe. His maturity level was years behind the other children and because of it, he had no friends, and his poor mom looked as if she hadn’t sat down since the da...

Why I'Ll Always Put My Husband Before My Kids - Self

Less than one month after my husband and I got married—before I even mailed thank you notes for our wedding gifts—I found myself holding a positive pregnancy test. Eight and a half months into our marriage, while we were still getting comfortable ...

Frequently Asked Questions - Non-Custodial Parents

What is the function of the Office of Recovery Services Child Support Program? The Office of Recovery Services (ORS) is an agency located within the Utah Department of Human Services . Within ORS, Child Support Services (CSS) is responsible for co...

Why I'Ll Always Put My Children Before My Husband... Even Though It's Already Destroyed One Relationship

When I had my first child 13 years ago, I had no idea it heralded the end of my relationship with his father. I didn't know then that many men want their partner to put marriage first and children second. I put my child first and it cost me my rel...

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I Don’t Always Put My Kids First

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Why I Don’t Always Put My Kids First