Humans Vs Animals! Where Do We Stand?

What Mammals Have The Biggest Brains?

Brain size is an important part of animal anatomy, and has been studied by scientists as a potential indicator for intelligence. Let's find out the largest brains in the animal kingdom!

11 Animals That Can Live Longer Than Humans

It is interesting that in the huge diversity of animals found on earth only a few have lives longer than humans.

Are Humans The Best Endurance Athletes?

Humans are going to need a lot more training before they can compete with the other long distance winners in the animal kingdom.

Speed Of Animals

If you're six feet tall, 10 miles per hour probably doesn't feel very fast. But what if you were just six inches tall, like a squirrel? It would feel quite a bit faster. This site shows the actual speeds of animals and how fast they would be going...

Speed Of Animals

A list of average speed of various animals to get an idea of how fast we really are!

The 10 Smartest Animals

Arguably we are the smartest species on planet and that is quite true given the various capabilities of our species. There are many other animals, however, in the animal kingdom which are known for their remarkable thinking abilities.

Sleep In The Animal Kingdom

Just like we all like to stay in our bed for as long as we can and do nothing, there are many other animals who are fond of the same and spend a major time of doing nothing but sleeping. Don't we envy them!

Top 10 Animals That Can Survive Without Food

Have you ever wondered how long that spider that constantly weaves a web around one of the external mirrors on your car can go without food, given that you regularly remove the web? What about animals in droughts or areas that get covered in snow ...

The Animal That Can Live Without Food For Weeks

Some animals need to eat multiple times a day to get the energy required to survive. However, other animals have adapted to go long periods without food. They achieve this feat in various ways, from reducing their energy requirements to digesting ...

The Hearing Ranges Of Animals – Which Animals Hear Best? |

The pitch of a sound is measured in Hertz (Hz) frequency, with the smaller frequencies being lower notes and higher frequencies being the opposite; higher pitched notes. Different animals can listen into different frequency ranges enabling them to...

Where Humans Rank On The Food Chain?

When it comes to making food yummy and pleasurable, humans clearly outshine their fellow animals on Earth. After all, you don't see rabbits caramelizing carrots or polar bears slow-roasting seal. But in terms of the global food chain, we are defin...

For How Long Are Animals Pregnant?

Let's take a look at the gestation periods of various animals compared to humans.

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Humans Vs Animals! Where Do We Stand?

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Comparison of Humans against Animals when compared on different criteria to see where we stand.