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How To Write A Good Resume

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What is a good resume? Why should you invest time in crafting a good resume? The answers to these questions are simple. A good resume is one that is able to create a good impression on the hiring manager and increases your chances of getting hired. It is for this reason that you should not craft your resume in a hurry. Our ClipBook tells you how to make an impressive resume.


All About Cvs

Curriculum Vitae is an outline of a person's educational and professional history, usually prepared for job applications. Another name for a CV is a résumé. A CV is the most flexible and convenient way to make applications.

Cv Vs Resume The Differences

Common belief is that the difference between a curriculum vitae (CV) and a résumé (commonly written as the resume) is that a CV is used in the UK while a resume is used in the US. While that is true, there is actually a small difference between th...

10 Steps: How To Write A Resume

This may be your first time writing a resume, or maybe you're updating an old one for the umpteenth time. Either way, you'll want to use this guide to be sure you're doing all you can to have the best resume possible.

14 Amazing Ways To Make Your Resume Stand Out From The Crowd

It's a crowded job market and everyone is fiercely fighting for a piece of the pie. The average recruiter spends approximately six seconds reviewing every resume that crosses his desk. When you have a pile of resumes a foot high, you simply don't ...

How To Write A Resume When You Have No Work Experience

First-time job seekers applying for a full-time position are often faced with a familiar challenge: they are interested in gaining experience but have no work experience to prove they are qualified. Hiring managers believe that viewing an applican...

The 4 Different Resume Formats

Depending on the type of job you are applying to, different resume formats may apply. The four standard types of resumes have been listed out and explained here.

What Recruiters Look For In A 6 Seconds Resume Scan

Six seconds. That’s how much time recruiters usually take to look at your resume. Your stellar academic record and a long list of professional accomplishments, all in six seconds.

The Most Common Resume Mistakes

Companies don't hire resumes, they hire people. But your resume is often what gets you in the door, so if you can't get the interview it's nearly impossible to win someone over.The strength of each resume is dependent on many factors, including th...

Resume Design Ideas To Help You Stand Out

If you want to make a great impression, you have to understand your audience. So take a moment to put yourself in the shoes of the hiring manager you wish to impress. Now picture the desk in front of you and the towering piles of resumes.

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