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How To Wash Baby's Clothes



How To Wash A Baby's Clothes

While washing your baby’s clothes you need to be extra careful as your baby’s skin is very delicate and prone to infection. Read on to find tips for washing your baby’s clothes. Know about the precautions which you need to take while washing your ...

Is It Important To Wash A Baby's Clothes Before Using?

New clothes are sprayed with formaldehyde solution to keep them looking fresh, and such harsh chemicals could be too much for your baby’s sensitive skin to bear. It is best to wash any new baby clothes prior to using them to protect your precious ...

10 Baby Laundry Tips For New Parents

Babies have very sensitive skin, which is why you need to watch your laundry habits. Here are 10 tips for new parents to make their baby clothes baby-friendly.

Dos And Don’Ts For Washing Baby Clothes

An infant’s skin is extremely sensitive, thus vulnerable to skin infections, rashes, acne and allergies. It is very important to follow proper laundry instructions when washing your child’s clothes. Here are few dos and don’ts for washing your lit...

Should I Use A Disinfectant To Wash My Baby’S Clothes?

Many disinfectants actually do help to kill most of the bacteria present in the clothes – mostly “99.9%” according to their claims. Killing bacteria in the clothes is absolutely important, especially if you are washing your babies’ clothes in wate...

Can I Use Regular Detergent To Wash My Baby's Clothes?

"Unless your baby has allergies or very sensitive skin, this shouldn't be a problem for her, no matter how young she is," says Mary Spraker, a pediatric dermatologist at Emory University in Atlanta and a spokesperson for the American Academy of De...

Can You Put Baby Clothes In The Washing Machine?

Washing baby clothes is not a complicated process. It may not, however, be the exact same process you use to wash your clothes. Babies, and especially newborns, have some specific needs that can affect the way you do their laundry.

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