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How To Use Skype For Education


Modern education system utilises technology in a myriad of ways. Many educators around the world now use video conferencing to invite experts, authors and other students to interact with their class. Skype is one of the best tools for such educational collaborations. Due to the possibilities Skype offers, its use in the classrooms have increased manifold.

But what is Skype? And how can Skype be used for education?

Skype is a software that allows making video and voice calls to another computer or phone (or iPad and other such devices) using an Internet connection. But Skype can be used in many innovative ways. Other than inviting experts to their classrooms, teachers can use Skype for virtual field trips to any location in the world. The virtual visits can be arranged by collaborating with schools, museums, cultural and educational centres at the locations of choice. With some research, both teachers and students can find excellent field trip ideas and collaborators. Another use that Skype can be put to is for foreign language coaching. Teachers can work with language centres in other countries to provide real-time practice for students.

Teachers can also use Skype for their professional advancement by connecting with other educators. According to an article in techland.time.com, “Launched March 2011, Skype in the Classroom is a website on which teachers worldwide can post ideas for Skype lessons, connect with other classrooms and come up with ways to collaborate via Skype.”

Thus, Skype can be used as a low-cost educational tool for imparting extra learning opportunities to students.

For more Skype ideas for education, you can refer to the resources in this ClipBook. 


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