How To Tone Your Kid's Questioning Skill

Questioning Skills And Techniques

Gathering information is a basic human activity – we use information to learn, to help us solve problems, to aid our decision making processes and to understand each other more clearly. Questioning is the key to gaining more information and withou...

How Can We Teach Kids To Question?

While working on , I got to know the folks at a fascinating nonprofit called The Right Question Institute. Dan Rothstein and Luz Santana, the RQI’s co-directors, have spent many years studying how kids (and adults, too) form questions. In developi...

Pros And Cons Of Question Answer Method Of Teaching?

This method is quite important. Through question, an attempt is made to ascertain and evaluate the knowledge of students in regard to the subject. This method ensures participation. The teacher should ask question and the student should be encoura...

Who, What, When, Where, And Why?: The Benefits Of Asking Questions

What is the one thing that drives you to live a better life and helps you to progress in thought and knowledge? Albert Einstein did it, so did Oscar Wilde, Dr. King, Nietzsche… It’s what you were encouraged to do in class and what you use in every...

Learning Benefits Of Questions

Now here is a clip on the learning benefits of questions. Yes, questions just don't give you an answer but also teaches various other things.

Why Do Kids Ask So Many Questions And Why Do They Stop?

A while back I was discussing the subject of “questioning” with Richard Saul Wurman, the original creator of the TED Conference and a man who’s pretty much obsessed with questions. He immediately focused on the educational system. “In school, we’r...

Asking Questions That Encourage Creative Thinking

Consider the learning potential of simply shifting the way you ask your child questions… "Can you see the rainbow in the sky?" versus "I wonder how does the rainbow get into the sky?" "What is this part of the elephant called? (pointing to trunk)"...

Little Kids. Big Questions

Grown-ups are always searching for answers. If only they would ask the experts the tough questions! That's exactly what happens when we dig deep with our hos...

Question Skills

Questioning is a major form of human thought and interpersonal communication. The thinker employs a series of questions to explore an issue, an idea or something intriguing. Questioning is the process of forming and wielding that series to develop...

Teacher Tools - Questioning Skills

Home > In the classroom > Questioning skills "Good learning starts with questions, not answers." Questioning enables teachers to check learners' understanding. It also benefits learners as it encourages engagement and focuses their thinking on k...

Why It’S Imperative To Teach Students How To Question As The Ultimate Survival Skill

Are our schools doing a good job of preparing students for a world where questioning is a survival skill?

Asking Questions

Good questioning skills may be the world's most unsung talent. Ask the right questions in the right way, and you'll engage people; do it differently, and you'll put them off. Anyone who's ever worked with kids knows how hard it can be to elicit in...

Teaching Questioning Skills To Arm Students For Learning

Current educational institutions systematically rob curiosity from children, training them to seek one answer, the "right" one. Unfortunately, while on their predictable adventure to the right of truth, kids often lose interest.

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How To Tone Your Kid's Questioning Skill

Is your kid asking a lot of questions? Its a good sign. How to make your kid ask questions? Lets have a Look...!