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How To Teach Your Child To Tell The Truth


Everyone appreciates an individual who speaks the truth, but it isn’t easy to develop the habit of speaking the truth at all times.

Children begin to lie from a very young age, and once parents come to know of their child’s habit, they feel sad and guilty at not being able to instil truthfulness in their child. Reading our ClipBook will help you understand when and why children begin to lie and how to help them learn to speak the truth.


When Does Lying Begin?

Whether we choose to admit it or not, lying is a part of life (would I lie to you?). From casual "white lies" to more complicated scams and major deceptions, lying seems to be at the root of a bewildering number of political and economic scandals.

When A Child Lies...

Lying is something that seems to unhinge a great many parents. Yes, it's worrisome. Yes, we want our children to be honest, especially with us. But before we see every stretch of the truth as an indication that the kid will land in the pen...

How To Teach Your Children The Importance Of Telling The Truth

One way to teach your children the importance of telling the truth is with a word picture.  Most kids don’t necessarily understand how hard you work for your family, but they do understand that when you get your...

4 Fun Ways To Teach Children About Telling The Truth

A few months ago I was invited to participate in a parenting panel for a weekly radio show, and the presenter asked me about young kids “tricking” and if this is a serious case of not telling the truth.

5 Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Tell The Truth

My grandmother used to tell me about a parenting strategy she used to get my mom and uncles to tell the truth when they were kids. If she suspected one of her children was lying, she would line them up...

Why Kids Lie, And 7 Ways To Get Them To Tell The Truth

Politicians do it. Athletes do it. Role models do it. And, of course, kids do it too -- lying. Their fledgling attempts at deception can be almost funny, but how do you nip lying in the bud? By creating a 'safe environment' for the truth...

Teaching Teens The Importance Of Telling The Truth

Children first learn about honesty and lying at home, primarily from their parents and other important adults in their lives, though peers gain influence as children enter school. Parents help children learn the difference between...

When Children Begin To Lie, There's Actually A Positive Takeaway

My 4-year-old recently called out to me that he was all dressed for school and going to play outside. A moment later, I watched him appear outside the kitchen window and begin to happily blow bubbles — in his pajamas.

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