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How To Teach Your Child To Pack His Own School Bag


The school bag is the quintessential part of a child's school life. And as parents we try to make sure that we prepare for the school day in advance by packing our children's bags along with his lunch box.

But, it's important that we let our children pack their own school bags. It not only makes them more self reliant but also responsible about their own things. 

Read this ClipBook to know how to teach your child to pack his own bag. 


Why You Should Teach Children To Pack Their Own Schoolbags

As parents, we often pack our children's bags to make sure that our child doesn't leave anything out. But, by doing that we actually make them more dependent on us.

How You Can Choose The Right School Bag For Your Child

Choosing the right school bag for your child will ensure that he doesn't have to carry more load than necessary.

How To Teach Your Child To Pack His Own Bags

Making your child self reliant is an important life skill to teach your child. You can start by teaching him to pack his own bag.

How To Make Sure Your Child Is Using His Bag Correctly

A child's bag can sometime weigh a lot because of unnecessary books or items she carries to school everyday. Read this clip to know how to ensure that the child is using the school bag.

Govt. Circular On School Bags: 5 Things Parents Must Know - Parentcircle

Heavy School Bags Are Making Our Children Hunchbacks. Thankfully, The Ministry Of Human Resource Development Has Issued A Mandate Which Will Take The Weight Off Their Shoulders.

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