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How To Teach Your Child To Make Compost

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Never plant without a bucket of compost at your side – Elsa Bakalar

Ask any gardener and he will tell you the importance of composting yard waste and food scraps. With composting becoming a topic of growing interest in schools throughout the country, we take a closer look.

Compost is decomposed organic material such as leaves, grass clippings and kitchen waste. Apart from providing essential nutrients for plant growth, it also improves soil structure and enables it to hold adequate moisture, nutrients and air. So, go ahead and teach your child to make compost, and contribute to the environment. Go through a list of links on composting by flipping through this ClipBook. 


Composting Activities For Children

Children and composting are meant for each other. Introduce your child to the idea of taking responsibility for the waste he generates through composting.

Teaching Children To Handle Trash

Composting for children can be as educational as it is enjoyable. They’ll love setting up the bin and finding the necessary ingredients from the kitchen to feed the pile. Composting is an ideal way to teach children about recycling.

Fun Composting Projects For Children

Composting is very simple, costs virtually nothing and is one of the simplest outdoor family activities. Here is a list of five fun composting projects you can do with your children.

Fun Composting Activities For Children

These activities are suitable for children of primary school age, but the language and activities can be modified to suit smaller children.

Composting For Kids: A Great Science Experiment

Kids learn the importance of worms and slugs and their value to our ecosystem. The will see firsthand how microorganisms work to give us rich soil for food production and that even the smallest animals have important roles in our ecosystem. Read t...

Why Composting For Children?

Composting is a topic of growing interest in schools throughout the country. Why composting? There are a number of reasons. Composting provides a partial solution to an issue of great concern in many communities. All around the country, landfills ...

What Can Children Do To Help With Waste Management

The next time you change the waste-bin bag, take a look inside it. Is there anything that could have not ended up there? Probably. Try cutting the waste you produce at home into half. For example, use proper towels and ceramic plates at home inste...

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