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How To Teach The Significance Of May Day To Your Child


We all teach our children the importance of respecting ourselves and working hard to realise our goals. But, do we also tell our children why it's important to respect other's efforts and not to look down at any job as not being 'good enough' for them?

This International Labour Day, teach your child the dignity of labour and what rights every worker has.


The Origins Of May Day

Most people know little about the International Workers' Day or May Day. For many others there is an assumption that it is a holiday celebrated in state communist countries like Cuba or the former Soviet Union. In the late 19th century, the work...

India's First May Day

In India, the first Labour Day, or May Day, was celebrated in 1923 in Chennai. Today around India, organisations and trade unions arrange pageants, children enter contests so they can understand the importance of fairness for workers, and politica...

How To Explain The Significance Of May Day To Your Child

Although celebrated all around the world, May Day tends to get overlooked. So how do you explain May Day to your kids? It's a very important holiday that shouldn't be ignored. First off, what is May Day? May Day is a holiday typically celebrated ...

How To Teach Your Children About The Dignity Of Labour

We all want our children to grow into successful, confident and happy individuals -- we want them to have the best of everything. But we need to remember that teaching them good values and fostering gratitude in them for what they have, is also a ...

May Day: Facts Your Kids Should Know

Let's be real. Even most of us adults aren't 100 percent sure what Labor Day is all about, so taking the time to teach our kids about it is super beneficial for everyone. Our children may be years away from their first jobs, but these Labor Day fa...

May Day Celebrations Around The World

May Day ceremonies that stem from the traditional centuries-old May Day traditions are celebrated across the world. In Hawaii, May Day is known as Lei Day to celebrate the island’s culture. In the United Kingdom, May Day is still celebrated in ma...

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