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How To Talk About Sex Without Making It Awkward



Why Having A Real Talk About Sex Is Essential

Have you had an awkward sex talk with your daughter? Even if your daughter is younger, or your daughter is older, or you’ve got a beautiful open conversation going around sex and sensuality in your house, watch this video...

Sex Talk: It Is Not As Hard As Parents Think

When it comes to this most charged and intimate of topics, many parents and teens engage in an uneasy conspiracy of silence. Teens don’t want to talk to parents about sex any more than parents want to broach the subject. But experts agree that, no...

It's Only Awkward If You Make It Awkward

Talking to your child about healthy sexuality can be awkward. When your parents talked to you about sex (if they even did) it was probably a very uncomfortable, one-sided conversation that came way too late, and only happened one time. Although, s...

10 Tips For Talking To Teens About Sex

When you're a parent of a teen, pretty much everything you do embarrasses your son or daughter, and that goes double when you try to talk to your teen about sex. Though you're probably the best source of reliable information, you're also the last ...

How To Talk To Your Teen About Sex

Talking about sex — including birth control, sexual feelings, sex and media and how to say “no” — with your teen is one of those awkward yet essential tasks we must embrace.

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