Learning - Language Skills | 5-12 yrs

How To Strengthen Your Child's Vocabulary


Did you know that your child's vocabulary is directly linked to their school performance? Have you considered that teaching him a few new words everyday could improve his persuasive abilities? 

The words you utter around your child in their early years can have a great impact on their success later in life. Children learn by imitation, so it is important to watch what we are saying while we around them. It is best to avoid cuss words or slang while in hearing distance of your child.

Having said that, it is possible for parents to play a decisive role in strengthening the vocabulary of their children. Taking some time out each day to teach your child a few new words could go a long way in making him a successful adult some day.

We at ParentCircle have designed a special ‘World of Word’ series revolving around certain themes with the objective of helping you improve your child’s vocabulary. 


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