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How To Stop Bottle Feeding


One of the key issues that young mothers face is in feeding their babies. Most mothers breastfeed their babies until the infants are six months old, post which they slowly shift to bottle-feeding. Then comes the crucial decision of when and how to stop bottle-feeding. An article titled, Helping Baby Kick the Bottle, published in, suggests that parents start weaning children off the bottle once they are around a year old.

The article states that one of the reasons for weaning children off the bottle is, “Bottle drinkers tend to ingest more milk - typically up to 32 ounces a day, according to Suzanne Corrigan, MD, a paediatrician in Irving, Texas. Toddlers only need two to three servings of dairy a day, equivalent to 16 to 24 ounces of milk. While milk is a healthy food, kids who drink too much of it may not want to eat enough solid food, missing out on important nutrients like iron.”

So how can you get your toddler to give up that bottle? Dr Laura Markham, Clinical Psychologist, Columbia University and the founder of Aha! Parenting mentions in her to response to a parent’s query on her site, “There are many gradual methods, that basically involve changing your child's pattern by limiting bottle use. In other words, don't let her walk around with the bottle, use it only in a certain place. Begin to separate it from the sleeping routine so she doesn't fall asleep with it. Give her the bottle, brush her teeth, and then soothe her to sleep with music and rocking. But I think the best way is to gradually let her lose interest in the bottle by diluting her milk at the same time that you gradually get her to drink milk from a cup.”

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