How To Stop Being An Angry Parent

Distracted Mom = Angry Mom?

2 Weeks ago I took a Challenge to not yell at my kids for a year. This week I was tempted, oh so tempted to yell. But I didn’t. I certainly got angry a few times and one day my anger boiled over and I had to get away from my son. I had to take...

How To Control Anger In Front Of Kids

Motherhood, as the moms above reveal, is not always a picnic. Every parent has moments she regrets later, moments where rage overcomes logic. As a Circle of Moms member named Maria offers, "Parenting is hard! There's so much to do and think about ...

A Love Note For The Angry Mom - Abundant Mama

Dear Angry Mom — You saw red today. You hid in the corner, crying. You seriously wondered how on earth you could make it through another minute, let alone another day. You’re not sure you’re cut out for this motherhood thing. You’re not sure you’...

How To Be A Calm Parent

I’ve always been a dreamer. Oh yes .. I was going to change the world. I was going to raise the best children ever to walk the earth. I was never going to make the same mistakes OTHER parents made. No way. Then I had children. My first lesson in...

A Tired Angry Mom

Here's the story of a tired angry mom.

Anger Management With Kids

Bringing up children is very rewarding and enjoyable but it can also be very stressful and frustrating. Most parents feel wound up by their children’s behaviour at times, occasionally losing their cool and reacting in a way they later regret. Supe...

Anger Management For Parents - Tips On How To Be A Calm Parent

If you've found yourself shrieking at your child -- and regretting it -- this advice on calmer parenting is for you.

When Moms Get Angry - Anger Management Tips For Moms

Most moms have had moments where they said things they wish they hadn't or lost their cool with their kids. When the crayons end up on the walls or the shoes magically disappear, it is easy to respond in anger. Being a mom is a tough job and even ...

Are You An Angry Mom?

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed when disciplining your children? Fear that your temper may be out of control? The following quiz can help gauge if you need help dealing with deep feelings of hostility.

The Stop Yelling App

The app is designed to help you through the tough moments of motherhood. So you can get back to being awesome.

Toddlers Regulate Their Behavior To Avoid Making Adults Angry

Toddlers who overhear adults disagreeing can use that emotional information to guide their own behavior, according to research study from the Institute of Learning & Brain Sciences.

Angry? Tips To Calm Down On The Spot

Reacting instantly with anger is where we often get ourselves in trouble. Recognize that you can be angry, but you don’t have to act angry. So when you find yourself becoming angry with another family member while in his or her presence, it’s impo...

Stop Yelling Toolbox

4 weeks down!  It's been a full month since I yelled at my kids...and it feels so good! In this month, I’ve learned a lot about yelling. I’m getting a better understanding about why parents yell, the different levels of yelling, and most importan...

Dealing With Anger And Stress

Dear Dr. Hanson, Sometimes I get so mad at my kids! I'm under enough pressure as it is. First, they don't do what I say and I get a little mad, then they fuss and I get madder and start yelling, voices get louder and louder, and finally they star...

Confessions Of A Screamer

One mom confesses that she used to scream and yell at her kids -- and how she learned to cool down

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How To Stop Being An Angry Parent

Vishnu PriyaVishnu Priya
We all get angry, and it's okay. But if you're tired of being angry at your kids, here's awesome ways to control you're anger.