How To Start Your Day

24 Ways To Brighten Your Morning

The morning is probably no one’s favorite part of the day, particularly if you stayed up the night before to watch Leno or for the seventeenth time.

What Are The Benefits Of Stretching In The Morning?

Attempting to incorporate exercise into a morning routine can be quite the challenge.

What You Should Know About Taking Vitamins

start your day with a vitamin, to have a healthy day.

The Many Benefits Of Hugging

There are countless books, websites and seminars all written with the aim of helping us to get more from life and to be more happy, successful and healthy.

20 Surprising, Science-Backed Health Benefits Of Music

"One good thing about music, is when it hits you, you feel no pain."

10 Healthy Reasons To Drink Coffee

Your daily cup of coffee may be doing more for you than providing that early-morning pick-me-up. The health impact of coffee has long been a controversial topic, with advocates touting its antioxidant activity and brain-boosting ability, and detra...

Calcium, To Kick Start Your Day

Calcium is a mineral important for strong bones and teeth. Too little calcium can lead to the bone conditions rickets and osteoporosis. Calcium also has a role in blood clotting and the regulation of muscle contractions including the heartbeat.

Drinking Water In The Morning

It is said that drinking about 7 to 8 glasses of water daily is important for your health. One thing many people do not know is that having the first glass of water as soon as you wake up also comes with its therapeutic benefits.

The Benefits Of Using Checklists

Do you have tasks that you need to do again and again? If you do, how do you make sure that you do them correctly every time? One good solution, as it has been proven in many fields, is to use checklists.

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How To Start Your Day