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How To Spend A Fun Sunday With Your Toddler

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Most parents may not be able to spend time with their toddler due to hectic schedule at work. But toddlers need their parents time and attention. If you are a working parent, plan your weekends well ahead to spend more time with your toddler. Simple activities like playing, drawing, baking cookies with children will help you connect with them. Also, spending time with children during the weekends is the best stress reliever.


20 Things You Can Do With Kids This Weekend

I know weekends are for sleeping-in (theoretically), eating pancakes  and then rushing to the birthday parties, and soccer games. But that’s the only time we get to spend quality time with our kids who are going to school Monday through Friday. Le...

Tips For One-On-One Toddler-Parent Activities

Spending quality time with parents is critical for every child’s development, but it’s especially important in the toddler years. That’s because they’re laying the foundation for a self image that will last a lifetime, and parental praise goes a l...

Read Books Together

Being a toddler is all about action. Encourage continued language developmentand interest in books and reading by keeping things lively and engaging. Everyday experiences are full of opportunities to engage in conversation and develop language ski...

Paint With Your Toddler

Most toddlers love to be messy or to create a mess. These activities are perfect for them because they get to be creative and slightly messy, but it’s very easy clean-up. A mess-free way to paint is to put paint in a gallon-sized ziploc bag, tape ...

Build Legos

The next time you go to a toy store to buy something for your child, make sure you pick a pack of building blocks. Building blocks are not just fun toys for kids to play with but can also help them in many ways. Building blocks stimulate learning,...

Bake Cookies

Cookies and kids just go together don’t they? So why not have some fun family-time baking, with these 8 Easy Cookie Recipes you can do with the kids? We don’t think you’ll have too much problem getting cookie tasters either!

Homemade Play Dough Puzzle

A homemade playdough puzzle for or toddlers to work on fine motor skills and matching. This DIY puzzle is easy and inexpensive to make.

Play Peek-A-Boo!

Playing peek-a-boo is a time-honored ritual between babies and parents. Many times parents of young children with developmental delays miss out on this fun because they’re not sure how to modify the game for a toddler with special needs.

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