How To Shoot Candid Pictures Of Kids

Photograph Your Family: How-To Take Great Candid Photos Of Kids

We asked one of the country’s best professional child photographers how she captures the innocence, warmth, sweetness, and silliness of childhood. Her answer? She never fakes it. Your images of children have a wonderful natural and unposed quality...

Photography Tips: Capturing Candid And Action Photos Of Kids

Jessica Hinnenkamp teaches you some of her tips and techniques for capturing beautiful candid and action photos of children.

Window Light Is A Great Idea...`

Window light, especially in morning or evening light when the sun is not too high up....is a great idea. It gives nice soft lighting, and then kids love looking out of windows, be it at home or in a train, bus or car!

Nepali Children At Pune

These children weren't really posed, they pretty much decided to pose themselves - so this may be bordering on candid :)

Get Your Composition Right Before The Child Even Shows Up...

Kids can behave pretty unpredictably sometimes (ok most of the time)...so its next to impossible to get a good picture if you just follow the child around trying to compose, get your camera settings right etc all at once. Its a better idea to look...

Try And Get Unusual Angles!

One of the common mistakes people make is to shoot pictures of children from their own eye level. It creates much more of a connection with the picture when you shoot from the child's eye level - and here weve got a picture that takes things one s...

At A Cafe In Himachal - Predetermined Composition.

Another picture where the basic composition was already decided upon, exposure readings were set, notice also the convenient depth of field (out of focus pillar in foreground)....and then all we had to do was wait for somebody to show up through t...

Use Fast Shutters!

If your kids as active as this little girl, youre not going to get sharp images at any shutter speed less than 1/100 sec!

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How To Shoot Candid Pictures Of Kids

A few tips on how you can start taking professional looking candid pictures of your kids...