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How To Say 'no' To Junk Food And Choose Healthy Snacks For Kids

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It’s common for children to refuse to eat healthy food stuff. In fact, they would rather gorge on a variety of junk foods much to the chagrin of their parents. Some parents are so alarmed with their child’s sudden weight gain that they try to limit their child’s food intake altogether, even though they feel guilty about it.

The fact that consuming fast food can lead to obesity in preschool-aged children was confirmed in a recent study done by Edmond et al, published on January 31, 2020 in the journal Pediatric Obesity. Not only does eating junk food cause weight gain, but it also increases the risk of children developing various lifestyle diseases once they are older.

If you are trying hard to get your child to stop eating unhealthy snacks, food brand Timios has come up with some delicious healthy snacks that your little ones will love. Whether it’s the yummy all-natural finger food Timios Melts, or Cereal Crunchies — a breakfast cereal made from whole wheat and real strawberries — you will have plenty of healthy options to choose from. In this Clipbook, you will also find some useful information and important tips on how to help your child stay away from junk food.


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