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How To Say Dad In Different Languages


'Dad', 'daddy', 'papa' – Every one of these adorable words has the power to make any dad sit up, take notice and pay attention. 

In different cultures around the world, there are different ways of saying the word 'father' in the native tongue. However, 'dad' is a word that is synonymous with 'father' and cuts across cultures in the modern world. Read this ClipBook to know how kids across the world address their fathers.  


This Is Where The Word 'Dad' Comes From

Of all the words we use for our fathers, the most common appellation is three little letters: dad. And with Father’s Day arriving this weekend, you may be wondering where that familiar word comes from. Read on, to know more.

How The Word ‘Father’ Unlocked The History Of Language

In the 1700s it was clear to European scholars that certain languages were related to each other. It was also apparent that there were relationships between languages that hadn’t descended from Latin but were similar to each other. But it wasn’t u...

Why Are There So Many Names For One 'Dad'?

Father’s Day falls on the third Sunday in June, but many of us refer to our male parents as 'dad' or 'papa' rather than by the more formal 'father'. Why does English have so many names for the same person? And where do they all come from? Like the...

How To Say 'Father' In Different Languages

No matter how strict some dads may appear, they are always looking out for their family's and child's need. Read this clip to know how children across the world address their dads.

This Is How You Can Wish "Happy Father's Day" In Different Languages

"I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father's protection." - Sigmund Freud. Remember the days as a child, when you used to wait for your father to be back home in the evening? When you would jump into his arms ... s...

45 Unique Ways To Say 'Dad' In Different Languages

Coming Sunday, many children will celebrate Father’s day in their own way. Here are 45 unique ways of saying “dad” in different languages.

How Do You Say 'Father' In Sanskrit?

Words like 'pitah' or 'baap' come directly from Sanskrit. Read this clip to know about their origin in Sanskrit.

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