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How To Satiate Your Child’s Curiosity


“Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning.” — William Arthur Ward

Children are curious by nature. They like to explore and come up with questions about a lot of things. Curiosity of each child is different from that of the other. Also, each child expresses it in different ways - some may ask a lot of questions while some may feel shy to ask questions. However, as a child grows, her sense of curiosity diminishes. According to the article titled Why Curiosity Is The Most Important Skill To Teach Your Child written by Victoria Ryan O’Toole in howtolearn.com, ‘But for many kids, as they grow their curiosity is dulled. And by the time they reach adulthood, they’re merely going through the motions necessary to make it through each day instead of actively trying to understand and shape the world around them.'

There are many ways by which parents can encourage their child’s curiosity and satiate it. You can take your child for a walk and explore the natural surroundings. Answer her questions in such a way that she understands; and before you answer any of her questions, ask what her thoughts are. Visits to the library can help in inculcating the habit of reading, which will also encourage her to explore and find answers to questions she has.

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