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How To Recognise Your Baby's Illnesses?


A wise person once said, “You know you’re a parent when picking up another human to smell their butt is not only normal, it’s necessary.”

How true! Your child’s smell, cry and expressions are all indicators of her health. As a parent, the health of your child is one of your greatest concerns. Therefore, it is important for you to know all that you can about how to recognise and address at the earliest signs of illnesses in your child.

As children grow, they are exposed to various infections that make them sick. Most of the time, young children cannot verbalise how they are feeling. Therefore, parents must be aware of the warning signs of illness in children. According to an article titled “Dr. Sears: Guide to the Top 7 Infant Illnesses” written by Dr. William Sears in parenting.com, “Understanding when your baby is sick requires knowing her when she's well. Often a change in behavior will be the first symptom you notice, but it helps to know the signs that pediatricians look out for as well.” Some of the common symptoms of illness in young children are change in behaviour, persistent crying, lethargy and loss of appetite.

Most of the time, young children fall prey to some common illnesses like constipation, diarrhoea, cold, fever and ear infections. Understanding the warning signs of these illnesses can help parents take timely action and help the child get better soon. As a parent, you must remember that the health of your child is the joint responsibility both you and your doctor.

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