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How To Raise A Happy Single Child


Just like becoming a parent is a choice, deciding on the number of children you wish to have is also a choice. While some parents prefer having a second child as they believe that the first child shouldn’t be lonely, some prefer having just one child.

According to an article titled, How to raise a happy single child, published in The Times of India (TOI) online, one of the main reasons parents choose to have a single child is finance. In the same article, Psychologist Anjali Chhabria reasons, "With the exceedingly expensive life we lead today, starting a family can be challenging by itself. Having a single child has become more of a compulsion than a choice for many. For those who have a choice, a single child can have both advantages and disadvantages."

So, if you have decided to raise a single child, do not worry, as child counsellor Sunayna Chatterjee mentions in the TOI article, "Single kids generally excel in whatever they do because of the undivided attention and financial resource for better education."

If you don’t believe that, take inspiration from some of these famous celebrities who belong to the single child league – Leonardo DiCaprio, Adele, and Shah Rukh Khan!

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