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How To Raise A Brave Child


Is your child afraid of heights? Does he tremble when asked to dive into the swimming pool? Do you think your child is not brave enough? Don’t worry. Like everything, it takes time and patience to deal with such an issue.

Today, children must face a lot of situations – from bullies at school or in the neighbourhood to weight issues and stereotypes. As a parent, it is your job to find ways to raise a brave child.

According to skinnymom, bravery is a tough concept these days. Here are some suggestions to help foster bravery in children:

• It is okay to be wrong: Raise your child to be confident and make her realise that giving the wrong answer or making a wrong choice will, in no way, change her worth.

• Support them: When your child comes to you for help or advice, it is your duty to offer support, knowledge, and encouragement. This will instil a sense of confidence in him and bravery will follow.

• Let them get hurt: Let your child get hurt so that she can learn how to survive. Your child should know what her limits are and how much she can handle.

• A sense of adventure: Help your child discover new things and show him how to overcome the unexpected and the unfamiliar.

Per Romper, raising a child involves a lot of physical and mental work. Whether your child is a two-year-old toddler or a thirteen-year-old awkward teen, it is never late to instil a sense of self-confidence and bravery in him.

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