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How To Prevent Monsoon Illnesses In Preschoolers


The monsoon season brings respite from the heat, but is also the season for illnesses. Children, especially preschoolers are vulnerable to many diseases during this season.

It is extremely important to protect your little one against monsoon diseases like diarrhoea, fever, typhoid, dengue, malaria, etc. Remember, all it takes is a little bit of precaution to prevent your child from falling sick.

Go through this ClipBook to know about tips to protect your child from monsoon illnesses.


Tips To Prevent Preschoolers From Monsoon Illnesses

Prevention tips from Dr. M Vishnuvardhan Reddy, The author is a Senior Consultant Paediatrician and Neonatal Intensivist at Apollo Cradle. 1. Ensure that your child drinks boiled water. 2. Provide your child with a nutritious and balanced diet. ...

Children's Illnesses In The Monsoons

In addition to welcome showers, monsoons also bring with them infections. Children are the most susceptible to these diseases. Here is how to keep yourself and your family safe this monsoon season.

Protect Your Child's Health This Monsoon

Keeping children under control is a difficult task at any given time of the year. Here are simple preventive measures to protect your child’s health during monsoon without letting them miss out on the joys monsoon brings in their precious lives.

Tips To Shield Your Kid From Monsoon Health Hazards

Monsoons bring forth a host of illnesses that kids are more prone to. Your little angels need to be shielded from the showers to keep them away from all rain-related illnesses and germs that can cause them to sneeze and catch a cold. To keep your ...

How To Protect Your Kids From Monsoon Ailments?

Besides all the excitement about monsoons, rains also bring with it, lots of health woes, especially for kids. This monsoon, boost your child’s immune system and learn how to protect illnesses during the rainy season.

Tips All Mothers Should Follow During Monsoon

Most parents worry about the health of their babies during monsoon, and rightly so. Infants are the most vulnerable to seasonal diseases and infections at this time. It is thus essential to take precautionary measures to keep your baby healthy and...

Precautions To Take During The Monsoon

Kids have a weak immune system; they are more prone to diseases than adults. A Handful of precautions can prevent health issues in children. As the popular saying goes ‘Prevention is better than cure’; it is better to stay alerted than being a pre...

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