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How To Prepare Your Kids For A Water Crisis

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There are some facts about our daily life that we need to emphasise as often as we can -- one of them is to save water. We all know that 70 per cent of the Earth is made up of water, but of this only about one per cent is available for human consumption. That is because most of the water is in the sea or trapped in the form of ice.    

Many cities in the world, including Indian cities, are facing problems of water shortage. So what can we do to prepare our children to face a water crisis in the near future? Read this informative ClipBook to find out how you can prepare your kids for a water crisis and teach them simple water conservation methods. 


What Kids Need To Know About A Water Crisis

Teaching your kids about the importance of our water supply might seem mundane, but you can make it fun by setting a few goals for them. Check your rates bill to see what your monthly consumption is, and see if you can bring it down month on month.

5 Easy Ways To Teach Kids To Save Water

When it comes to water conservation, we believe it starts at home… with our children. Learn how easy it is to teach children from the very beginning the importance of saving water. It’s why the team at Water Use It Wisely has created five simple t...

How Can A Family Cope With Severe Water Shortage?

According to The Water Project, 783 million people don’t have access to clean and safe water worldwide, many of whom is in our neck of the woods. Or how is this: 1 in 9 people worldwide do not have access to safe and clean drinking water.

How To Save Water For Kids

Water conservation is an important part of looking after the world around us. Parents often find that by teaching their children how to save water, they end up fostering an enduring interest in conservation and our planet – as well as saving littl...

8 Water Saving Tips For Kids And Parents

Everyone can conserve. Save water and protect Earth's natural resources for future generations with these easy water saving tips for kids.

How To Deal With Water Scarcity

What is your role in water preservation? Learn about water crisis, just like you are doing. If you understand a problem, you are in a better position to have a solution. Talk about it with family and friends. Look out for news and facts on water s...

100+ Ways To Save Water For Kids

When it comes to conserving water, small adjustments can have a big impact and it may surprise you on how easy it is to save water. Here are useful 100+ water-saving tips for kids' use in everyday life. Start today and learn the different ways to ...

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