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How To Plan Your Maternity Leave?


There are a hundred things you need to plan during your pregnancy. As your due date approaches, there is one important aspect of planning for working women and that is their maternity leave.

If you are a working woman who is pregnant, the first thing you need to do at the workplace is to know your company’s maternity leave policies. Find out from your HR department if you can include your paid vacation days in your maternity leave period. You need to clearly structure your maternity leave in a way that doesn’t place additional financial burden on your family’s budget. Organize your work properly in the days leading up to your maternity leave period. Clear communication with your boss is also vital at this time to rule out any ambiguity about your work, leave period and your return to office. This is also the time to plan for day care or crèche services if your workplace doesn’t provide one for the employees.

According to an article published in, , ‘Combining a career with family life will be somewhat challenging. Make sure you decide beforehand whether you are fully prepared to return to work or not. This will save you from postnatal depression and frustration which happens usually when mothers find it unmanageable and fail to cope with the office and family responsibilities.’

Also, make sure to complete all your work on time for your maternity leave so that there are no hiccups when you are not in the office.

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