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How To Plan And Host A Board Games Party


Children love parties and hosting a fun, inexpensive, indoor ‘board games’ themed party will keep them occupied on a hot summer afternoon. Involve your children from planning and prepping to the final arrangements on the day of the party. This will keep them busy for a few days during summer.

Looking for some fun ways to keep your kids engaged during this lockdown? Here is a unique kid’s activity book to help you out!  

Board games, which have been in existence from the pre-historic time, still pose a stiff competition to the new virtual games. According to an article titled, 'Board games' golden age: sociable, brilliant and driven by the Internet', on The Guardian’s website, the tabletop board games industry has seen an unexpected growth in the past decade. Thousands of new titles are released each year, and the top games sell millions of copies.

Bring back popular board games, invite your children’s friends to come over and let them learn, engage and have fun!

Flip through the pages of the ClipBook below for invitation and DIY dice box printables.

Download your favourite invitation from the three given in the ClipBook. Enter the date, time, venue and other details in the e-invite using an app or software such as Add Text ( or Fotor (

Say goodbye to expensive store-bought gifts. Print out the DIY dice box and include a DIY board game kit and chocolates of your choice in the box. Find the instructions to make the dice box in the ClipBook below.

Click on the link below the image to open it in a separate tab to download.


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