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How To Motivate Teenagers



Teen Motivation

Many parents feel that all they ever do is nag, lecture, ground, and yell at their teens without ever receiving any results. Whether you want them to do homework, chores, or follow household rules, motivating a teen can be a challenge.

Motivating Your Child Through Early Adolescence

Psychologist Carol Dweck defines motivation as "the love of learning, the love of challenge." And, according to her, motivation is often more important than initial ability in determining our success.

How Do You Motivate A Teen? Yes, It Is Possible!

Encouragement is the key to motivation. Motivate a teen through compliments, humor, let’s make a deal/collateral, motivation through involvement, joint problem-solving and follow-through.

How To Motivate An Underachieving Child

The first thing to understand about teens and pre-teens who seem to have no motivation is this simple truth: It’s impossible to have no motivation. Everybody is motivated—it just depends on what they’re motivated to do. I think it’s helpful to see...

How Parents Can Encourage Their Teenagers To Succeed

As teens today are confronted with new and unfamiliar issues when compared with teenagers in any recent or long-term past, many parents struggle to identify the catalysts or strategies to stimulate and motivate their teens.

Useful Tips On How To Motivate Your Teenager

The first step towards motivating your teenager is to know the reason behind this lacking. The biggest reason behind such behavior is the inability to see benefits. Here are five effective tips on how to motivate teenagers to study towards his or ...

Tips To Motivate Teenagers

If you are a parent to a teenager, you know the struggles of figuring out how to motivate teenagers in the right ways. Be it in academics, sports or household responsibilities, creating a sense of urgency, priority and general motivation can feel ...

Secrets Of Motivating Teenagers

Very few teenagers completely lack motivation. What many teenagers lack is the motivation to do stuff that doesn’t matter, doesn’t seem important, or is about satisfying an agenda that doesn’t relate to them. Here are 7 secrets to motivate your te...

How To Motivate Your Teenager To Play Sports

Sports play an important role in the well-being of teenagers. Not only does participating in group sports allow your teen to make new friends and teach her how to work as a team, it’s also good for her health. As a parent, it’s your job to make su...

How To Motivate Your Teen To Read

If you have a teen that doesn’t enjoy “reading,” don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many parents struggle with this, and often times it is because we place too much emphasis on reading the things they don’t enjoy. The tips below have been collected to...

How To Motivate Your Teen To Help Around The House

Putting the words ‘Teen’ and ‘Motivation’ in the same heading may seem like a non-starter. Adolescents are neither the most responsive nor active of creatures. Yet they inhabit our homes, often leaving chaos in their wake, with apparently little o...

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