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How To Make Summer Fun For Kids

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Parents look forward to summer as it signals the beginning of school vacations and is a time to relax and unwind. But, how do you tell bored kids to do nothing but relax? There are a lot of ideas that will not only entertain your kids and keep their boredom at bay but will also not burn a hole in your pocket.

According to the article, Guide to visiting national parks with kids by Suzi Milovanovic, published in SheKnows in 2010, national parks can be the perfect getaway for both bored kids and their parents. With so many national parks spread all over, visitors will be spoilt for choice. All you need is a pair of good hiking shoes, medical supplies and some food, and your kids will have the time of their lives.

Care has made a list of activities that are not only simple but also inexpensive that can make summer fun for kids. Some of these include:

• Volunteering at an NGO or a nature centre

• Visiting the beach and collecting shells

• Make a fort using cardboard boxes

• Go on a picnic

• Have a water balloon fight

• Go biking on a chosen trail

The temperature may be on the rise and all your kids may want to do is to play indoors, but with these simple activities, summer will be a fun one for kids. To know more about other ways to make summer fun for kids, flip through the pages of this ClipBook.


Visit A National Park

Variety is the spice of life and there's no shortage of that when visiting national parks. Consider the age of your children and decide what they might be able to handle.

Go Camping With The Children

Camping makes so much sense right now. It’s an inexpensive family activity in a tight-budget economy and a way to give your children what they may lack in this go-go era.

Plan A Picnic Lunch With The Children

What better way to take advantage of a sunny day than with a picnic? The components of the picnic lunch are so easy to make that kids can do most of the work themselves.

Have A Water Balloon Fight With The Children

Give children (especially younger kids and those who’ve never used water balloons) some time to freely explore filled water balloons.

Visit The Beach And Collect Shells

Come summer, kids can lie down in the sand, splash in the water, get dirty and get wet. Here are tips for success trip to the beach with children.

Take The Children To An Art Museum

We’d all like to believe that our children will show a native interest in art, but the fact is that most of them need encouragement and help to enjoy it. You may worry that your kids will be bored or won’t behave well.

Visit An Amusement Park

Summer is an ideal time to visit the various amusement parks across the country. We bring to you some of the top amusement parks in India.

Go Biking With The Kids

Biking is one of the most pleasurable outdoor activities and summer is one such season when you can encourage your children to go biking.

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