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How To Make A Friend


Other than writing down a few characteristics to broadly define friendship, it’s not possible to express in words this wonderful bond. Friendship is a relationship in which there is compassion, mutual support, cooperation, affection and love, inspiration and criticism and so much more.

Read our ClipBook to explore this bond and help your child understand the importance of friends and friendship.


Reflections On True Friendship

At a moment when technology has made cultivating relationships easier, but also shallower, one writer considers the importance of undocumented friendships. Is childhood the golden era of friendship? And can you get those relationships back? The o...

Fifteen Reasons We Need Friends

One of the most important and yet least understood areas of psychology concerns the role of friends in our lives. In my own writing on adult development and aging, I have constantly felt frustrated...

Why It Is Important For Our Children To Have Friends

In my practice and personal life, I interact with many children. I am always curious about what social trends are actually happening as opposed to those being blown up in the media.

How Kids Make Friends — And Why It Matters

This week, the children of Boston will arrive at school for the first time since summer vacation, bracing themselves for a monumental decision: where to sit during lunch. As they stand in the cafeteria, clutching their trays...

Kids Who Need A Little Help To Make Friends

Every parent knows schoolyard friendships are important. Friends enrich our lives, boost our self-esteem, and provide the moral support we need when we’re memorizing multiplication tables. Developmentally speaking, making a friend...

Learning Positive Friendship Skills

The foundations of empathy (being able to feel ‘for’ others) and friendship (being able to relate well with others) begin at birth through a child’s first relationship with their primary parent or carer.

Is Your Child Not Making Friends? Tips For Socializing Shy Kids

You want your child to have an active, happy social life that's filled with friends, but it looks like your little one might not be up for the task. He shies away from social situations and has trouble making friends. It's heartbreaking and frustr...

5 Ways To Help Your Child With Autism Make Friends

Making new friends can be challenging for any child. There’s always a bit of anxiety in approaching people, introducing yourself and building a new relationship.

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