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How To Love Maths

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Maths! The very mention of the word sends shivers down the spine of some, while making certain others’ eyes glitter. Of all the subjects in school – Maths, Science, English, Social Science and Language – many fear maths. But the subject isn’t as dreadful as many people say it is.

You can always help your child learn to love maths, as without maths, many things today wouldn’t exist. According to the article, 'Learn to love maths', published in the Guardian, the author states, “Yet to me, maths is the most mind-blowing and creative subject of all. Without it, there would be no science – in fact, there would be no literature either, since Mesopotamian cuneiform, the earliest writing system, was a by-product of an earlier system of numerals.”

Playing games with your child is an easy and fun way to get your child to love maths. There are many games that parents can play with their kids. In an article titled, How to Get Your Kids to Love Math, published in familyeducation.com, Jo Boaler, a former mathematics professor at Stanford University, states, "Playing games with dice helps when children are learning to add and subtract. Any activities that help children get a sense of numbers – what they look like, how big they are, where they occur in the world, is helpful."

Go on and encourage your child to love maths. It won’t just help her with academics but will be useful in all aspects of her life, especially her profession.

To know more about different ways to instil a love for maths in your child, read through the ClipBook. 


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