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How To Keep Your Toddler Safe


Toddlers are not only curious but also bundles of energy who are always active. They like to explore their surroundings and learn about them. However, in the process, they often expose themselves to dangers and end up getting hurt.

In order to prevent your toddler from getting hurt, it’s important to know about how to create a safe environment for him. 

Our ClipBook takes you through safety checklists for some of the most common situations you and your toddler are likely to find yourselves in. From how to install car seats properly to making sure your child is safe in your own house, we got it all covered. 


Safety Checks For Your One-Year-Old

As your baby grows from an infant into a toddler, he also develops the urge to leave the safety of the crib or your lap and explore his surroundings. At, such times, it is important to take precautions for his safety...

Tips For Choosing Toys For Toddlers

Toddlers love toys! And why wouldn’t they? Toys can be super fun to play with, not to mention that children can learn plenty using toys. Though it’s important that you pick toys that are safe for your child to play with. This could mean not using ...

Safety Tips While Travelling With Toddlers

It’s important to get out once in a while and travel to a different place. However, this may not be so easy when you have a toddler. But, don't worry. We can tell you how to keep your little munchkin safe while you go around visiting places of int...

Car Safety Tips For Toddlers

When you travel with your baby in a car, it’s important to make sure that you are adhering to all the safety instructions. Especially if it’s your first time using a car seat. This article tells you all about the safety precautions you need to put...

Safety Checks For Your Two-Year-Old

A year later your baby is even more excited to explore the world around her. Use this checklist to make sure that the environment around her is safe enough for her to freely explore.

Home Safety Tips For Toddlers

We don’t always realise that things that are common and safe for us can be unsafe for toddlers. This is why even at home toddlers can run into unsafe situations. From sharp furniture edges to suffocating stuffed toys, danger is everywhere for our ...

10 First Aid Hacks To Raise Your Toddler Safely

It is important for everyone to know how to administer first-aid. And, for parents with toddlers, knowledge of first-aid is a must. Our article brings to you some first-aid hacks which can help you...

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