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How To Keep A 3-year-old Busy At Home


Toddlers have unlimited energy. Looking for ways to keep them occupied can tire you out. This leads to the inevitable question – how do you keep them engaged all the time? And, without the help of electronic gadgets?

In the article, 8 Fun Games and Activities for 3-Year-Olds, published in Care, writer Tiffany Smith says once children turn three, they are like sponges; they absorb everything and anything around them.

Cara Koscinski, paediatric occupational therapist and author of the Pocket Occupational Therapist, adds that children become more dexterous at age three.

The following ideas might help with a restless, bored 3-year-old.

• Building together: Building activities such as Lego or dominoes teach children how to work in a group with other children. You can take turns building a structure – be it a boat, a building or a car. The activity will be fun and a learning experience for your little one.

• Storytelling: Storytelling requires no supplies and can be done anywhere. What’s more, it will keep children engrossed for hours altogether. Choose a story that you think will interest your child and stir his imagination.

• Per MyKidsAdventures, you can use electronic resources to beat boredom. Watch a cartoon show online or play games on the net.

• Gardening: Toddlers love to get dirty. What better way to keep her entertained than by letting her have her own garden?

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