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How To Increase Your Child's Appetite?

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Children often refuse to eat. At an age when he should be taking in good amounts of nutritious food, all he does is push away what you try to feed him. Chances are that he has a poor appetite. A lack of appetite at the toddler stage of your child’s development can be considered quite normal. Some common reasons for this include growth spurts, variations in their activities and their short attention spans.

While you can opt for medical intervention and consult a doctor, there are ways in which you can make regular meals interesting for your child. This can increase his interest in eating. Also, you may need to dig deeper into what could be triggering a loss of appetite in your child. It may be that he just doesn’t find the food interesting or could there be a serious reason.

A leading parenting website based in Australia, raisingchildren.net, reports: “Although it can be frustrating, it’s a normal part of toddler development. A helpful approach is for you to decide what food to offer your child, and where and when to offer it. It’s up to your child to decide how much food to eat.”

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