How To Identify Special Needs In A Child

How Can Parents Identify Special Needs In Their Child?

Officially, a child can only be diagnosed with a Specific Learning Disability after the age of about seven or eight (i.e., when s/he is in the second or third grade). Why then, do paediatricians, pre-school teachers and/or other professionals aler...

Teachers Must Be Trained To Better Identify Special Needs Children — Reid - News

ST JAMES, Jamaica (JIS) – Education Minister Senator Ruel Reid, says teachers must be Addressing the annual general meeting of the National Parent Teachers Association (NPTA) at the Montego Bay High School, on Friday, Reid said there are a high pe...

Early Identification Of Children's Special Needs: A Study In Five Metropolitan Communities. - Pubmed - Ncbi

In a study of special education programs in five urban school systems, parent interview data for 1726 children revealed how early the children's problems were identified and how the medical system was involved in the diagnosis. Problems included s...

Identifying Children With Disabilities

Identifying Children with Disabilities

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How To Identify Special Needs In A Child

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How can parents identify special needs in their child?