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How To Hold A Baby


This might be news to you: There’s no such thing as cuddling your baby too much.

Cuddling doesn’t spoil your little princess. In fact, it has very positive effects on your baby’s health. American politician, Frank A. Clark, advocated infant health issues and is quoted as saying, “A baby is born with a need to be loved – and never outgrows it.”

You can carry your infant on your arms, cradle her or hold her to your shoulder. Holding your baby on the hip is advisable only around the age of six months. It’s a good idea to avoid jerky movements. Also important is providing the correct head and neck support. First time parents, especially a first time dads, struggle with picking up babies and holding them. Pictures and videos by childcare professionals in are a lot more helpful than written descriptions of how best to hold your baby in comfortable positions.

There are at least seventeen different ways to hold your infant. These ideas are neatly tucked into a YouTube video that’s already been viewed more than 2,000,000 times.

Skin to skin contact is another thing that factors in as important. It benefits not just the infant but it also benefits mom. . “Skin-to-Skin contact is a method used to restore the unique mother–infant bond following the sudden separation during the birth experience particularly in premature births,” according to Precious Images Creations Inc.

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How To Hold Your Newborn Baby

It's easy to feel nervous about handling your baby at first. They're so small and can seem so fragile. But she'll feel safer and more relaxed if you hold her firmly and with confidence.

Holding A Newborn Baby: In Pics

This parenting guide in pictures demonstrates how to handle and hold a newborn baby. It includes tips for picking up babies and ways to cradle your baby.

Why Hold Your Baby Skin-To-Skin

Skin-to-skin contact is a way of holding a preterm or full term infant so that there is skin-to-skin contact between the infant and the person holding it. The baby is held against the parent’s bare chest wearing only a diaper.

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