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How To Help Your Shy Child


For a growing child, shyness can be a handicap as it would mean he has trouble making friends and is often excluded from events and parties. So, what can parents do to help their child overcome shyness?

According to an article titled How to Help Your Shy Child by Jacqueline Burt Wang published in, some ways through which parents can help their shy child to become independent and more socially savvy is by having her practise certain skills such as:

  • Letting her answer the phone.
  • Making her order a meal in the restaurant.
  • Letting her hand over the money to the cashier at a grocery store or any similar place.
  • Encouraging her to call a friend.
  • Teaching her to say please and thank you to strangers who are safe to talk to.

The child can also be made to observe parents in situations where they are interacting with their friends. This encourages the child to try the same with her friends. suggests other ways like having more get-togethers at home, not labelling the child as shy and letting her speak at public platforms, provided she is ready for it.

Shy children also have some common traits that parents need to recognise, says WebMD in one of its articles. “Once you recognise these natural behaviours, you can work with them instead of against them,” says Bernardo Carducci, PhD, director of the Shyness Research Institute at Indiana University Southeast.

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Is Your Child Shy?

Some children are reserved in nature, such children feel shy talking to others. Some constructive efforts by parents can help a child come out of his shell. Read on for tips to help your shy child improve his social skills.

Is It Normal For My Toddler To Be Shy?

Yes, shyness is quite normal at this age. Your child may simply have a shy temperament. To overcome this, your child just needs extra time to feel comfortable in new situations.

When A Child Feels Shy

Many young children are shy around new people, especially adults. Although the children may appear to be afraid, their response is less likely to be caused by fearfulness than by simple discomfort.

Help Your Child Become Less Shy And More Confident

Most kids are shy because they simply do not know what to do or how to behave in new and uncomfortable situations. They do not have the tools to compare such situations to similar past ones and make a decision on the right course of action.

How To Help Your Shy Child

Is your preschooler attached to your hip every time you go to a birthday party or dinner at a friend's? Here are simple ways to boost your child's confidence, even in the most trying situations.

Ways To Help The Shy Child

Many children are labeled shy. If you understand what this term really means, you may decide that having a shy child is not such a negative quality after all. Shyness can be a help or a handicap to a child, depending partly on how it’s handled. He...

Tips To Help Toddlers Overcome Shyness

Shy kids are usually just more cautious and observant than other kids. Perhaps they notice more and don’t want to barrel through moments in the ways other kids do. Here are some tips to understand, help and deal with a shy toddler.

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