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How To Help Your Child Overcome Reading Difficulty

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Children struggle with reading for a variety of reasons. Environmental causes range from lack of access to reading materials, poor language development and hearing problems. Other deeper causes include dyslexia, attention problems and auditory processing difficulties.

The brain does several things simultaneously to make sense of the written word. Phonics, the foundational skill, is a left-brain activity. Right-brain dominant students have a terrible time learning to read with traditional phonics-based methods.

Cross-lateral movements between the left and right brain hemispheres prime the brain for learning and help balance the two. Try the simple arrow-pointing exercise given in the ClipBook below. Click on the link below the image to open the image in a separate tab to download.

Browse through our ClipBook for simple ways in which you can help your child improve his focus and attention and overcome his reading difficulty.

Check out the April 2017 issue of ParentCircle magazine for more information on this topic.  


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