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How To Encourage Self-help Habits In Preschoolers


Children need to learn how to manage their lives, and eventually become independent. Learning these skills builds their self-confidence, and also makes the jobs of parents easier.

According to an article titled, 'Self-Help Skills in Children', published in, ‘Self-help skills enable your child to meet his own needs and involve activities and behaviors that eventually lead to independence. Skills such as dressing on his own, learning how to set a table or pouring his own juice express growing maturity. However, self-help skills also involve emotional and cognitive growth, such as learning to express anger with words rather than throwing a toy, respecting property of others and someday learning to read a book without your help.’

Most parents have the opinion that a child would learn self-help skills on his own. Although this is largely true, there is no harm in encouraging him to learn these skills faster. But, how could you do this?

Some of the suggestions listed on include:

Get down to their level – Start by getting down to their level and guiding your child at first (you may start with younger infants and toddlers). For instance, help them pull on and off their socks and then allow them the opportunity to try it independently and guide them through it when needed.

Be a good role model – As your child is learning all these new, wonderful skills don’t forget to role model the proper skill which they are trying to learn. If you tend to not use soap during hand washing, then you can’t expect them too. Be sure to follow your own instructions.

Self-help skills are the perfect tools to help your child grow up into a confident adult. So, make learning it fun and encourage her on the way to self-sufficiency.


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