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How To Encourage A Creative Child

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Every parent wants their child to be creative. But what exactly is creativity?

Most people have a notion that being creative means being an artist. But it is not exactly so. We can be creative in everything we do. Albert Einstein said “I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking.” For a child, creativity is all about being able to express his imagination by making something.

The first step towards successfully raising a creative child is to recognise that your child has the gift of creativity. According to the article ‘Understanding the Creatively Gifted Child’ in, “Creative thinkers are more likely to appear to be daydreaming. They want to work alone and come up with bizarre – and sometimes conflicting – solutions to problems. Typically, these kiddos aren’t motivated by passing a class, doing what a teacher wants, or graduating. Extrinsic motivators that work for most kids, don’t work for creative thinkers.”

Nurturing your child’s creativity can be a huge challenge. Some of the things that you can do to encourage your creative child are: encourage risk-taking, stimulate convergent and divergent thinking skills, motivate them to read widely and have discussions. An article titled, ‘Creative Parenting’ published in explains different ways in which parents can boost creativity in their children. It says, “Creativity can happen anywhere. Use common everyday experiences on teach creativity – in the car, on a walk or when you’re cooking together. Bring crayons and paper along when you go out to eat. Encourage your children to draw a story about a restaurant on Mars and share it while you’re waiting.”

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