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How To Deal With Jealousy In Kids


Do you often find your little one envying others? Jealousy usually stems from a feeling of inadequacy and can further lead to negative emotions such as possessiveness, scorn and contempt. Is that the case with your child too? While jealousy is a natural emotion among human beings, it’s important to help your child keep it in control and find ways to replace it with positive feelings of inspiration, acknowledgement, appreciation and encouragement.

Unless stemmed at an early age, this emotion can impact your child’s personal and professional life. At work, envy or unexplained rivalry can sap creative energy, inhibit one’s capabilities and spiral into a big personality flaw over the years.

Helping your child develop strong self-esteem and show genuine respect for others is the ideal solution. Encouraging competition, healthy or unhealthy, and comparing your child with others in a demeaning way is an absolute no-no. Instead, you could find ways to draw his attention to good traits in others so that he is inspired to pick up the same without feeling that he is being chided for not having those qualities.

The first step, however, starts with parents themselves. Mom Junction, a parenting website, suggests in an article, “Before dealing with jealousy in your child, be sure that you are not jealous of your siblings, friends, neighbours or anybody else. Unless you remove it from your system, you cannot deal with it effectively in your kid.” Therefore, parents have an important role to play in ensuring that their kids turn out to be happy, fair-minded and generous individuals.

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