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How To Deal With Cyber Bullies

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In the age of the Internet, with everything becoming easier, bullying also has become more frequent. The easy access to the Internet, the time spent online, social media networks and the anonymity it provides, have all added to your child becoming more vulnerable to bullies.

However in the case of cyberbullying, he has no reprieve. He cannot come back home from school and feel better about escaping from the bullies. In the cyber world, the bullies are constantly in action, and might even be more vigorous and persistent. Asking him to refrain from using the Internet, however, is not the solution, as it might only cause more psychological and emotional distress. While your child is feeling powerless and humiliated, you need to help him brace the bullies. But how to help your child deal with cyber bullying?

According to an article, 'My Child is Being Cyberbullied. What Now?' by Ruth Carter, published in the website notMYkid in 2013, “Cut off the bully’s access to your child by blocking them on social media sites, blocking their email address with your email provider, and blocking their number from being able to send your child text messages.” The article also advises you to keep a track of your child’s social media activities, and regulate it a bit, instead of stopping the usage altogether.

While there are many things you could do to prevent your child, there are also numerous things you SHOULDN’T do. An article "How to Stop Cyberbullying: 18 Tips for Parents and Kids" in the website Parents says, “Don't under-react by telling your child to deal with the bullying. Don't respond with a "kids will be kids" attitude. Don't overreact by blaming your child. If they are being bullied, be supportive and understanding.”

For more suggestions on how to help your child deal with cyber bullying, read through this ClipBook.


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