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How To Cut Down Sugar For Children



Sugar Hurts The Health Of Your Child

Just like adults, kids gain weight when they take in more calories than they burn. Sugary snacks and drinks are packed with calories and not much else, and eating or drinking too many of them can lead to obesity in kids. Read on to know about othe...

Reduce The Sugar In Your Children's Diet

Parents who are alarmed about their child's sugar consumption often try to impose a near total ban on sugar. This is unrealistic and naturally quite impossible to implement. It is better to ration the amount of sugar their child consumes.

Simple Ways To Cut Down Your Child's Sugar Intake

Increasingly, studies have linked sugar intake to a myriad of health problems including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and even cancer. Here are some smart ways you can curb the amount of sugar your child eats and ...

Healthy Swaps For Sugary Food And Drinks

Try these easy swap ideas to reduce the amount of sugar you and your kids eat throughout the day. For instance, forget jams and chocolate spreads, mash a banana and spread it on toast instead. Experiment with other soft fruits, like berries.

How To Spot Sugar On Food Labels

If you're trying to limit the amount of sugar your children eat, then you need to learn the other names for sugar on food labels. Sugar comes in so many forms and goes by so many names that looking for sugar on a label can feel like finding a need...

Reducing Sugar Intake Boosts Children's Health

A study conducted by researchers from the Touro University California and University of California San Francisco showed that sugar intake reduction among children can make them healthier. In just 10 days, the overweight children who participated i...

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